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Sports Chiropractic

With sports the question isn’t if you’ll get hurt, it’s when you’ll get hurt and how seriously. Athletes at every level, from professional football players to casual joggers, will experience an injury or unexplained pain at some point during their training. This can be caused by improper training, a simple misstep, an old injury, or even a pre-existing condition you were unaware of. Regardless of how it happened, Motus Sport and Spine can help you heal and strengthen your body to prevent future injuries.

Sports Chiropractic

We treat a number of sports related conditions including but not limited to:

• Sprains and strains
• Pulled muscles
Shoulder impingement syndrome
• Shin splints

Plantar Fasciitis
Back Pain
Rotator Cuff Injuries
• Lateral/Medial Epicondylitis (tennis/golfer’s elbow)

Our Treatments

No matter why you come to us, every treatment starts out the same: with a series of tests and assessments. Traditional neurologic and orthopedic tests are combined with our own functional assessment in order to see where your limitations are and determine if any seemingly unrelated areas are contributing to your symptoms. From there we can create a treatment plan that will best treat your injury and return you to top condition.  In addition to traditional chiropractic methods, we utilize a number of sports medicine and rehabilitation techniques.

Functional Rehabilitation

We believe that a huge part of the recovery process is to limit your chance of re-injury through strength, stability, and flexibility training. Patients often lack adequate strength and stability in necessary regions of the body, which puts abnormal stress on structures that aren’t meant to bear them.  It’s important to learn how to move better so that these issues can be mitigated in the future. This is where our functional rehab program comes into play. Our team will guide you through a series of exercises programmed specifically for you to assist you in returning to your optimal performance level at work and play.

Kinesiology Tape

Sometimes also known as KT tape or Rock Tape, kinesiology tape is a stretchable tape that moves with your body. Not only can it help with joint stability, it also helps decrease pain, inflammation, and swelling; delay muscle fatigue; and restore muscles to a better tone. The tape works by decompressing the fascia, allowing built up lymphatic fluid to drain more easily. The minute amount of force that the tape applies to the skin can also be enough of a sensory cue to the brain to help correct joint and muscle movements.

Take Your Body From Where You Are
To Where You Want To Be

Whether you’re seeking treatment for shin splints or you want to regain range of motion after a rotator cuff injury, we have a treatment plan to suit your needs.
Contact Motus Sport and Spine today to book your assessment.