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Rehabilitation Chiropractor

Exercise rehabilitation

Exercise rehabilitation, also known as rehabilitative exercise, is a structured and systematic approach to using exercise as a therapeutic intervention to improve mobility, tissue capacity, physical function and overall health following injuries or in enhance performance.  The goal of exercise rehabilitation is to restore or enhance an individual’s physical abilities, optimize their functional capacity, and improve their overall quality of life. It involves the prescription of specific exercises and physical activities that are tailored to the individual’s condition, abilities, and goals.  They are designed to progressively challenge and improve their physical function.  

At Motus, after your history and exam, one of our expert chiropractors will prescribe an exercise rehabilitation program given your unique needs and goals.  Our programs are progressive, meaning that the intensity, duration, and complexity of the exercises will gradually increase over time as the individual’s physical abilities improve towards their desired goal or activity.  The program is also regularly monitored and modified as needed to ensure optimal progress and address any changes in the individual’s condition.

This portion of our care plans are what truly help equip and empower our patients with the knowledge and practical tools they need to help maintain progress and facilitate long-term success once they’re released from care.